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You want to stop but maybe you are afraid you can't.  Maybe you have tried before and failed.

Maybe deep in your heart you know you can do it?  Take a moment and think about how your life would be different if you became an ex-smoker today?

I know that you can quit smoking forever. In fact, I am so sure of it I am willing to make a bold promise: in one hour you can be ex-smoker never to touch another cigarette again.

I know this may seem unbelievable but don’t take my word for it, read on to see why this can be true for you.

Nicotine Addiction Is Not Your Biggest Challenge

One reason so many smokers fail at quitting is because they focus on the wrong thing: nicotine addiction. However, nicotine is not what keeps smokers addicted to the habit.

Yes, nicotine is a highly addictive drug but it’s not the main thing that keeps you smoking.

Think about this if nicotine was what keeping you smoking then nicotine replacement therapies would have nearly 100% success rate instead of the low 30% success rate that they currently have.

When you quit smoking you will have to deal with nicotine withdrawals. But in reality, the nicotine withdrawal is actually mild.

Consider this, unlike truly powerful addictions like heroin, meth or crack, you don’t see people breaking into homes, robbing liquor stores or prostituting themselves to get money to satisfy their nicotine addiction. Smokers don’t break into sweats and get DTs when deprived of nicotine on a long air flight

Quit Smoking Without Cravings

Proven Clinical Studies on Hypnosis for Stopping Smoking

90.6% stop smoking success rate achieved through hypnotic program.

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87.0% Freed from Tobacco Use with Hypnosis.

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81.0% Reported They Had Stopped Smoking after Hypnosis

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Hypnosis Patients Double Their Chances to Continue Smoke-Free After 24 Month.

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Hypnosis is most efficient way to stop smoking, Says Major Study: Outperforming Patch by three times and Willpower Fifteen Times.

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The Real Reason You Can't Quit Smoking That No One Is Telling You About

The emphasis on overcoming the nicotine addiction is misleading and is probably the number one reason for stop smoking failure.

So if it isn’t the nicotine addiction then what is it? Triggers and habit.

Virtually everything we do throughout the day is a result of an established habit. The route we take to work, the first thing we do at work, the time we eat lunch, the time we leave work, the first thing you do when getting home, the TV shows you watch…

Habits define our life and propel us to action. If something disrupts our habit we feel uncomfortable, out of sorts and often irritable. Our unconscious mind does not like it when we disrupt our habits and it will try very hard to get you to stay with your

Actors who used hypnosis to stop smoking

The Great Quitting Smoking Hoax

One of the greatest misconceptions out there is that it has to be hard to quit smoking. And to be sure, for some people quitting smoking can be a living hell but I know that it doesn’t have to be.

To be quite honest with you, because there is big money in smokers, there are a lot of powerful people who don’t want you to quit. They want you to believe that you can’t quit so you will give up.

Obviously, the big tobacco companies have a huge stake in you keeping smoking. Not only do they want you to keep smoking many of the big tobacco companies are producing and promoting e-cigs and vapors because they believe they will be a gateway to get younger people to smoke.

If you think about it, it’s pretty ingenious. With the hyper-awareness of how harmful cigarettes are we are seeing more people quitting which of course hurts profits.

The government has outlawed cigarette advertising which makes getting new smokers really difficult. So why not develop an alternative so smoking, that appears to be a safer option, as a gateway to cigarettes for young adults.

Not only do they make money only they make money on the front end from the vapors and e-cigs they make it on the back in when they eventually graduate to cigarettes. You wonder if it is just a matter of time before big tobacco invests in hospitals and cancer treat centers so they can also make money at the end of the cycle when people are dying.

The Number One Thing Big Tobacco Is Hoping You Never Find Out

It is no secret that the big tobacco companies have billions of dollars at stake and it is not in their best financial interest for you to quit smoking.

They are quietly hoping that you keep focusing on the nicotine addiction because they know that you will have a low probability of quitting and that means money in their pocket.

When you shift your focus from nicotine to breaking the triggers and habit of smoking your odds of success go through the roof and, per numerous clinical studies, it now becomes a high probability that you will quit.

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful technologies out there to rewire and alter habits. Where it is nail biting, hair twirling, finger tapping or smoking, hypnosis is the fastest and most effective way to eliminate habits.

Once you have the habit under control quitting smoking is fairly painless. Beyond that hypnosis also be effective at taking away craving and withdrawal sensations making quitting easy and effortless.

Besides the high success rate another benefit of using hypnosis is no weight gain. People typically put on weight because they are substitute eating for the habit of smoking.

Big tobacco is really hoping that you will never discover how easy it is to quit with hypnosis.

How To Be Free Of Cigarettes Even If You Don't Think You Can Quit

You might have a lot of reasons why you can’t quit. Maybe you have tried several times to quit only to start smoking again and you don’t want to waste money on another program that won’t work for you.

Smokers always have a long list of reasons why they can’t quit like – not enough willpower, cigarettes are like an old friend to me, I don’t know what I’d do with my hands. I have too much stress right now and hundreds of more.

There is only one perfect time to quit and that is now.

Take a moment and imagine yourself as an ex-smoker and all the benefits you will be experiencing. Your clothes don’t smell of cigarette smoke anymore. You don’t have to go outside to grab a quick smoke. You notice how food is tasting better.

Your friends and family are so proud of you. You feel really good about yourself.

Other smokers are asking you how you quit. You’re able to tell them your journey to be an ex-smoker and they see hope for themselves.

You wonder why you waited so long to be an ex-smoker.

Are you ready to free of cigarettes? Are you ready to get you to get your life back for good?

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Why I Know You Can Quit

I was a 3 pack a day Camel no-filter smoker and I just didn’t think I could quit.

I had a very high-pressure job, I was newly married and with my beautiful wife came a wonderful 14-year-old son.

There was just too much going on in my life, I was dealing with too many adjustments and I thought smoking was my only way to deal with the stress of my job.

It was not the perfect time for me quit, I could have easily come up with 100 good reasons to put if off for a month or two. I finally had to be honest with myself and acknowledge that there would never be the “perfect time”.

I really couldn’t imagine life without cigarettes. I was really skeptical that I could quit and I was pretty sure I couldn’t do it on my own.

So my wife, who was also a smoker, and I decided to give hypnosis a try.

We both went at the same time and we had no idea what to expect.

I did the session and when it was done I didn’t believe I had been hypnotized – I really thought it was a waste of money and time.

To my amazement, I never smoked again and it has now been 23 years without a cigarette.