Welcome To The Metro Hypnosis Center


Dedicated to helping people break through blocks that are stopping them from quitting smoking, losing weight or be free from pain.

​How can we do this?

Tapping into the power of the unconscious mind. You have two minds, the conscious and unconscious. The unconscious is the more powerful of the two.

​What you may not know is that the unconscious cannot logic. It doesn’t know smoking is bad for you. It doesn’t realize that you would happier if you lost weight. It doesn’t understand that there is no need to send the pain signal anymore.

It just continues to run the same programs it has for years. Programs that were developed little by little over long periods of time until they have become the most powerful drivers in your life.

​Because these belief systems are in the unconscious you have no conscious awareness they even exist. They only exist at a subconscious level.

Rob Malone, founder and president of the Metro Hypnosis Center, was always curious about hypnosis. After reading and studying hypnosis for years Rob finally took a class to become a National Guild of Hypnotist Certified Hypnotist. He was so blown away by the power of hypnosis he sold his current business and opened the Metro Hypnosis Center.

Through hypnosis, you can harness the inner power of your unconscious. Instead of having work against you why not have it work for you.

​Making the change you want faster, easier and long lasting.

Are you ready to stop smoking or lose weight or be free of pain?

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